Here is our elephant in the room, as some might have it. We are a small specialist firm of solicitors focused upon business and employment law, not a large “full service” firm. This is an opportunity for potential clients, not a disincentive. Here are five illustrations. 
1. “You won’t have the experience or expertise I need.” Our partners have each been qualified in commercial and employment law for over 30 years. We have our own knowledge of how bigger firms work, and how they are not always the right choice to address small and medium sized business legal issues. 
2. “You can’t put a team of lawyers onto a multi-million pound transaction or dispute.” We agree. But we can offer you a more personalised service involving partner level experience at a reasonable cost. In a business and employment law setting, this may be just what you need. 
3. “You don’t have a high profile.” A fair point. But what counts as a high profile – winning awards within closed professional circles, for instance, and using this as an excuse to charge more? As a potential client, that’s not likely to be what you want. 
4. “You’re not in a city centre commercial location, where the big firms are.” But we’re on a main Birmingham suburban A-road and we have free client parking right outside. No difficulties with road charging zones, car parks and a long walk to the door. 
5. “You’re not likely to be more useful than my helpline subscription service.” We beg to differ. Sometimes you need more than basic call centre advice from low level staff, whose big organisations have an underlying interest in limiting their engagement with you after they have taken your payments and tied you in. 
That’s how we choose to confront the elephant. Big may be Beautiful, but Small may be Sensible
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