Are you looking for a decent book to read over Christmas? A legal suspense/drama, perhaps, preferably set in the UK for a change? You’re in luck. There’s always “Craven Conflict” by David Cooper of this firm. It’s available for an immediate download via Amazon’s Kindle Direct service at only £1.99. From the back cover: – 
“Barely days after recruitment consultant Karen Rutherford’s right hand man unexpectedly quits his job, she discovers to her horror that he has stolen her database and launched an underhand campaign to entice her clients away and destroy her business. Her anger turns to disbelief when the law fails to come to her immediate aid. With her livelihood threatened to the core, she finds herself locked into a courtroom battle that escalates into bitter conflict when a fraught episode from her private life pours oil on already troubled waters. 
Not far away, legal executive Paul Craven can barely believe his luck and his headhunter’s skills when he lands his dream job. Or so he thought. As the cold reality of the new workplace sinks in, it slowly dawns on him that his deepest personal secret – the fact that he is afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome – may be impossible to keep to himself any longer. Amid the turmoil, being drawn into someone else’s commercial dispute was all he needed… 
Craven Conflict. Unwelcome choices. Harsh decisions. Barely lesser evils.” 
So how does this tie in with the pitfalls of not knowing about an employee’s latent disability? Here’s how. Imagine you are an employer who never knew or had any reason to suspect that one of your staff members might be so afflicted. News of the affliction unexpectedly breaks. How will your legal duties change? How should you manage your other employees’ attitudes? And what if the finger of suspicion might end up pointing in your direction, for wholly misplaced reasons or (perish the thought) good ones? 
Reading all about employment caselaw – as in Part 1 – is one way to keep up. But Craven Conflict should be far more entertaining. Click here for the Amazon link. Here’s the cover: – 
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