What changes and consequences are you likely to facing on 19 July? Here are some of the most significant ones. 
Work From Home guidance will come to an end. Are you all set to call your workforce back to your premises? How do you anticipate dealing with anyone likely to object to the recall, on medical grounds or otherwise? What do your employment contracts and pandemic policies provide for? 
Social Distancing regulations will give way to common sense. Or so we may think. What will you do about separated work spaces, or Perspex screens? Would you like to keep face covering rules to any extent, or will you be glad to see them gone, and how in either case will you deal with complaints or grievances about the rules you would like to introduce or keep? 
Redundancies may come into the reckoning. When do you start consulting, and for how long? Can you tell anyone to stay at home, and still avoid “closed mind” allegations? And what should you do about non-returners who might have secretly found other jobs? 
Vaccination status is a grey and sensitive area. Might you risk losing business unless you meet customer demand for service provision only from vaccinated employees? Or grievances and potential claims from anyone with grounds to object to vaccination? The special status of care homes from October will of course be an entirely separate matter. 
Self isolation is still going to be with us for some time. But what if you think it is being abused? Must you give the benefit of the doubt on every occasion? And what do your contracts and policies say about pay entitlement when self isolating? 
Not forgetting something that will not be changing just yet, namely furlough. It is set to run until the end of October. Are you ready and willing to begin funding this from the beginning of August? Can you phase anyone back in on a part time basis? Or might the redundancy bullet have to be bitten? 
No shortage of potential problems, but we’re only too pleased to help you find the best solutions. Give us a call or send us an email when anything needs attention: – 
David Cooper 0121 325 5402 dmc@coxcooper.co.uk 
Andrew Cox 0121 325 5403 abc@coxcooper.co.uk 
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