Buying or selling? Planning an MBO?

For most of our clients, these types of transactions are their first experience of anything of the kind. We will use our long experience to guide you through the whole process, from putting together a deal structure through to completion and beyond. This type of transaction needn't be unduly complex or costly, but it does need to be done properly.

We act for small to medium-sized business clients, typically working on share or asset transactions involving the sale of the whole company or business. We also deal with your accountants, bankers and other professionals involved in the transaction – and we can usually introduce other specialists if you don’t have them.


You may be considering incorporating your business or reorganising its share structure. You may need a proper shareholder or partnership agreement, to regulate the business into the future. We will begin by seeking a clear understanding of your business and sharing our long experience in shaping almost every type of business.

Shareholder disputes

We are expert in analysing disputes between shareholders, from a simple deadlock between equal shareholders to much more complex disputes, often involving shares, directorships, employment issues and a multitude of other factors. We will begin by setting out all your options, which will typically extend from a negotiated resolution (often the best outcome for all), through alternatives including unilateral steps to resolve the situation, to more drastic solutions such as litigation and even winding-up.

We can help you with:

  • Buying and selling companies
  • Share transactions
  • Asset deals
  • MBOs
  • Company restructuring
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • LLP agreements
  • Disputes and deadlock between shareholders and partners
  • Company law issues

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