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Covid-19 and furloughing are not just problems for shop floor and office staff. You may need to pick up on unaddressed remuneration issues. Your duties and responsibilities may be set to change for the worse, or even to disappear. And this is no time to leave yourself at a disadvantage if an unexpected severance package does not seem to measure up.

We can step in and help steer you through the pitfalls of the post-furlough era. Click on our Covid-19 page for wider information.

Is it about employment termination?

Unexpected redundancy? Severance terms that are nowhere near what you expected? Or a package that looks as if there are traps and loopholes everywhere? Problems over post termination restraint clauses? We know what to look for and we can guide you through it.

Maybe it’s worse…

Suspended without warning? Facing a disciplinary hearing? Have you been made an “offer you can’t refuse” which might not be the lesser evil after all? If your best option is not to take your fate lying down, but to fight back hard, you’ll welcome us on your side.

Or maybe it’s better?

You might be looking at how best to maximise a windfall. Share options and reward packages may be coming into focus if your company is being taken over. This is not the time to risk being sold short. You need sound legal advice and we can provide it.

Let’s not forget starting out.

Does that new contract look too good to be true? Has anything been overlooked from the interview, the appraisal or the promotion discussion? Can anything be improved with a careful adjustment? We can ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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