First things first. We know that suspension from your workplace, especially if you have been caught off guard and have no idea why it has happened, can be stressful and urgent – so one of our solicitors will take your call straight away wherever possible or call you back on the same day. Or answer your email on the same day if you prefer. We do not believe in making you wait for an appointment when we can give you an immediate initial steer in the right direction. It’s all part of meeting your needs promptly if you think you have been suspended without good reason.

Give us a call now if you’re convinced. Or read on for some more guidance.

What’s it all about?

It’s supposed to be about cooling down heated situations. Or preserving evidence. Or protecting the vulnerable. Not about removing employees – especially not responsible managers and executives – from the workplace on a whim, ahead of an investigation that may have no sense of urgency behind it.

But I’m told it’s a neutral act.

That doctrine, often relied upon by HR officers, has been forcefully discredited. Have you been told who made the decision to suspend you without hearing your side of the story? Have you even been asked for your side of the story? Was it explained why there were no alternatives to suspension? Or why the investigation could not go ahead without it?

That’s interesting. What can I do?

Sometimes it might be sensible just to let the process run. If you know you have done something you should not have done, saying sorry and doing so quickly might bring you the benefit of the doubt. But if that’s not the case, and you fear that closed minds and hidden agendas might be in play at your expense, you may very sensibly want to stand up and fight the process now.

I don’t think I can stay there any longer.

An understandable reaction. Maybe there’s scope to negotiate severance terms? We can help with this too. Look at our Settlement Agreements page. If that is where everything is likely to be heading, we can help advise you on the right steps to take.

I’m the employer and I’m thinking about suspending someone. Can you help me too?

Of course we can. The principles work both ways. Good advice now can help you avoid the potential traps.

Your specialist: David Cooper.

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