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Many people suffer in silence when it comes to incidents at work where an individual may have been treated differently or unfairly by there employer. Here at Cox Cooper, we can give you that voice, our specialist employment solicitors and expert team based in Birmingham believe everyone in the workplace should be treated equally and the terms of there contract adhered too.

Cox Cooper is different from most employment solicitors Birmingham, unlike most of our competition, our skills and focus are solely in commercial solicitors and employment solicitors. This sets us apart from the competition rather than offering more general and conventional practices. Alternatively, to other law companies, we have streamlined and perfected our methods and built the perfect team of employment solicitors to provide a more cost-efficient, effective and personal service.

How Our Employment Solicitors Can Help You?

We understand that dealing with a dispute at work can be a very stressful and a very sensitive situation, not only for you but your family as it may be affecting your income and home life. Our main focus at Cox Cooper for all our employment solicitors is you the client. We take time to understand your situation fully giving us the in-depth knowledge to consider the best approach to help your case. Once our employment solicitors have gathered evidence and analysed the matter at hand in grave detail a strategy will be put in place and our team will advise you on the best course of action.

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Employment Solicitors in Birmingham

Everyone has the right to work and be treated fairly in a good working environment; however, this is not always the case across many companies. Not every employee knows their employment rights so do not seek advice from employment solicitors. If you believe that your employer has breached your contract or if your experiencing problems at work. Cox cooper and there knowledgeable and reliable team of employment solicitors can give you the help and practical guidance to fight your case or work-related issue.

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Employment Solicitors For Employers

The relationship between an employer and his employees can be a crucial aspect of the success of a business, not to mention the financial effect a workplace dispute could have. Our Cox Cooper employment solicitors can help guide you through this minefield providing reliable advice and support to help manage your employees. We look to set up the infrastructure of your employee relations so that you can stop the possible occurrence of a work dispute before it even begins. However, disputes that follow onto further legal action are not alien to many business owners but with Cox coppers team of employment solicitors by your side, we will guide you through a pragmatic solution to resolve any issue with an employee. If there was a case that did need resolving in a court hearing or tribunal our team are on hand to provide professional advice that you can be confident in the companies best interest. Have one of our specialist employment solicitors fight your corner at all stages of the dispute so you can ensure that you are getting trusted and experienced legal advice.

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