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When running a business or starting up a business you may need legal advice and guidance from a commercial solicitor to help you with your business success and protection. Commercial law and finding a commercial solicitor is essential as they have the experience and understanding of all legal issues or barriers that you and your business may come up against. Our commercial solicitors Birmingham can help advise you throughout all aspects of commercial law, these include;

  • Commercial contracts
  • Agency contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Commercial property
  • Terms and Conditions

Reliable Cox Cooper Commercial Solicitors Birmingham

At Cox Cooper, our commercial solicitors Birmingham have worked across all aspects of commercial and employment law giving us the depth of knowledge to guide you and your business on the path to success. We understand that each business has different legal requirements depending on what stage the business is at and tailor our service to each individual person providing an all-encompassing commercial solicitors service across Birmingham.

Our team of experts solicitors know that commercial law Birmingham can be a stressful and complicated process, here at Cox Cooper we try to take the pressure away. One way we do this is we do not believe in having to wait for an appointment, call us immediately with any legal queries or issue you may have, and one of our specialist commercial solicitors Birmingham will take your call straight away. Unlike other law firms, this gives us the capability to give you the initial guidance you may need to steer you in the right direction. Our commercial solicitors will guide you through every stage of any complex issue to help you and your business avoid any downfalls.

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Our Commercial Law Advice

Predicting where problems will arise as you build and grow your business is a near-impossible task as there are so many different aspects of the law that need to be thoroughly taken into consideration as you progress. However, through Cox coopers extensive experience working within the industry and the wealth of knowledge collected by our commercial solicitors across Birmingham we can provide specialist advice to our clients on where people often go wrong. These areas of commercial law commonly include:

  • Buying, selling and business structures: The foundations put in place when building a business are essential. Whether it is a partnership, joint venture or a franchise we can make sure the business started on the path to success
  • Business Contracts: Our commercial lawyers at Cox Cooper can prepare, review and amend all types of legal document and commercial contracts meticulously so you can be confident the terms and conditions are suitable and secure now and in the future
  • Business Disputes: Our team can advise and help you to resolve an issue within your business with our dispute resolutions services. We cover a wide range of commercial disputes and business litigation including contract breaches, debt recovery, copyright infringements and many more
  • Commercial property and leasing: if you are looking to buy or sell a commercial property or are a landlord or tenant seeking commercial and retail leasing contact our expert team today.
  • Business start-ups: We know the complexity and difficulties you may have to face when starting up a business and through our extensive experience helping numerous business strive for success, we can explain the range of legal issues you need to consider immediately and those which may arise in the future.

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Cox coopers commercial solicitors know to the finest detail, the ins and out of commercial law and everything that it may entail. We have solicitors who have worked across a vast variety of industries picking up techniques and practical experience for us to be able to offer reliable advice and legal solutions tailored to your situation. Whether its commercial litigation, commercial disputes, copyrights or trademarks Cox Cooper's commercial solicitor consultations will settle your worries with trusted legal advice and help moving forward.

At Cox Cooper, we face many different legal battles on a daily basis; from large corporate businesses to small start-up companies our commercial solicitors are dedicated to providing you with specialist advice pointing you in the right direction to build and develop your business. By seeking the advice of a commercial solicitor in Birmingham you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in business. There are many common pitfalls that people can fall victim too when owning a company and if they are not handled and processed appropriately can become extremely costly and possibly detrimental to your business. Ensuring that you have a well established and reputable commercial law firm and dedicated solicitor available to you from an early stage of your business can help put you on the right path from the outset and reduce the possibility of legal cases and offer barriers involved in commercial law in the future.

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