We understand that you will want to be well informed about what your legal advice is likely to cost. This is entirely natural, especially if you have not needed to engage with solicitors previously. 
We aim to be as open and informative as possible about this issue. The approach we will take with your initial call or email will involve an initial steer in the right direction without charge, wherever possible. And we will usually allow a new commercial client a half hour discount on the first invoice. 
Our legal costs are based on hourly rates, which we will confirm at the start. We believe our rates are very competitive, compared to those of other solicitors of similar expertise and experience. 
We usually then invoice on a monthly basis to keep you up to date with ongoing costs and we are happy to update you as often as you wish. 


What drives the cost of legal advice up? Some solicitors would mention “meetings”. Others might excuse themselves by hinting at circumstances where a client had not provided enough information, or complete information, in the first place. 
But let’s take this from your perspective as a potential client. 
Might it be more down to dealing with someone inexperienced, who does not know what to ask for and does not have the ability to focus on what really matters? Or with someone who charges on an "Ego basis", or by reference to internal overheads and frills that do not provide clients with tangible value for money? Or someone who offers a flashy subscription service, and then only grudgingly provides advice of a basic and scarcely helpful nature when it is asked for? 
That’s not us. It never has been, and it never will be. In fact, as far as we are concerned, that’s no secret. 
In passing, on the subject of overheads, how many "Ego firms" can offer free parking in a designated client space and save you some time and money immediately? Not many, we suspect. But we can.  


We are always willing to provide you with costs guidance in advance of any work on request. 
In certain cases, such as business contracts and property transactions, we may be able to give you a fixed quote before we start. 
In disputes, such as employment claims or commercial litigation, and in work involving a process of negotiation, it is harder to predict in advance exactly how much work will be required to draw matters to a close. However, we can still offer you advance guidance over the likely costs of each stage. 
Please feel free to ask any questions you have about costs in our initial discussion. 


Settlement Agreements typically include a costs contribution from your employer. This is usually enough to cover the cost of reviewing the agreement and advising you on the terms and effect of what you are being asked to accept. 
If you then decide to accept the agreement, the contribution will usually cover all your costs. 
If you decide to renegotiate, we will usually try to obtain a higher contribution from your employer. 
Sometimes in larger and more complex cases, the employer’s contribution may not cover all your legal costs. Often, this is effectively covered by additional compensation. We will discuss this with you as soon as is feasible. 


Lawyers For Your Business Scheme ("LFYB") – 30 minutes free 
This scheme provides a free session of 30 minutes for new business clients who contact us as a result of a referral from LFYB in relation to a business of commercial issue not involving a dispute. 
We can either arrange a short meeting wholly under this scheme or if you prefer, credit the first 30 minutes of time spent on your matter if something more detailed is required from the start. 
Just mention this scheme when you first contact us. 


Our costs for bringing and defending claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal, depend on two main factors. (1) The complexity of your case; and (2) how quickly it can be resolved. 
We usually start with a detailed meeting to understand the claim, in order to review any papers and to advise you over your prospects. Alternatively we can address this via email, which can often be more cost effective. Typically the cost of this exercise will be between about £250-£500 plus VAT and we can be more specific when you initially contact us about your case. 
The simplest cases often settle quickly. In cases of this kind, your total legal costs might be no more than around £1,000 plus VAT. 
Most cases settle at some point, though often closer to the hearing date after the parties have filed a claim and response, exchanged documents and witness statements. The total costs involved depend on many factors including complexity and how close the case gets to the hearing. In every case, we will keep you informed of costs regularly, usually monthly, so that you can keep track. 
Only a small proportion of cases go to a full tribunal hearing. This may be listed for a single day or for several days. Both sides usually instruct specialist barristers to conduct the hearing itself, and a typical barrister might charge between £500-£1,000 plus VAT for each day, depending on experience. We will always agree on these costs with you in advance. 
You may also ask us to deal only with specific stages of the tribunal claim, such as drafting the claim or response. Typically that would involve costs of between about £250-£500 plus VAT, but again we can be more specific when we know about your claim. In that case, you might choose to represent yourself at the hearing itself, to save costs, especially if the case is very straightforward. 
If you have a legal expenses insurance policy covering employment claims, your insurers will typically ask you to use their panel solicitors. However, they may agree to you nominating your own solicitors. We have represented a number of clients in this way. 


Lodging a Claim 
Receiving a Response 
Dealing with any settlement negotiations throughout the claim 
Sometimes attending a preliminary hearing, though usually this only involves solicitors 
Exchanging relevant documents and preparing a bundle for the tribunal 
Preparing evidence and witness statements 
Calculating the size of the claim 
Preparing legal arguments 
Preparing for and attending the final hearing 
Assessing compensation if successful 
As to timescales, a tribunal claim usually needs to be started within 3 months after termination. Many cases settle, and that may happen at any time from the start, right up until just before the hearing. In the small proportion of cases where a hearing is necessary, nowadays a typical case takes many months to reach that stage because the tribunals are exceptionally busy. 
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